A letter to the U.S Congress in protest of the State Department's ongoing relationship with Trita Parsi and the National Iranian American Council (NIAC)

Dear Iranians, Iranian Americans and Friends of Iran,

We need your help!

At a time when the Islamic Republic is violently and brutally crushing peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators in Iran, NIAC and its president Trita Parsi have organized a reprehensible seminar. They have invited U.S. government officials, and their goal is to convince these officials to remove or ease sanctions against Iran, to continue dialogue with Iran and to permit companies to sell Iran sensitive technologies -- telecommunication, military, oil and gas equipment, chemicals and nuclear supplies.

NIAC and Trita Parsi's actions are deplorable and an insult to pro-democracy demonstrators and the freedom-loving people of Iran. PDMI and The Iran Information Project support the implementation of the toughest sanctions targeted at the IRGC and the Islamic Republic (except for food and medical goods). Failure to implement the toughest sanctions will ultimately have tragic consequences.

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The Honorable Members of the United States Senate
Senate Office Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

The Honorable Members of the United States House of Representatives
House Office Building
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

The Honorable Members of the United States House and Senate,

U.S. State and Treasury Departments must stop appeasing Islamic Republic of Iran lobbyists and consult those who really represent Iranians.

What kind of person would ask the U.S. State Department to lift the sanctions against Iran? The Islamic Republic refuses to negotiate on nuclear proliferation, pummels and shoots its citizens in the streets and then arrests and brutally tortures and rapes those they didn't kill. What kind of person would want to do business with this regime?

The Islamic Republic of Iran's leaders continue to threaten Israel while, and it has been proven, that they dispatch terrorists to Iraq and Afghanistan, armed with improvised explosive devices (IED's), which have killed more than 3,000 U.S. Soldiers. What kind of person in America would even dare contemplate the thought of asking the State Department to do business with the Iran regime?

The Islamic Republic of Iran arrests, tortures and rapes its own doctors, nurses, teachers, human rights advocates, journalists, reporters, college students, religious and ethnic minorities (Jews, Baha'i, Christians, Baluchis, Kurds and Azari's). The Iranian Republican Guard Corps runs one of the largest drug smuggling networks in the world to pay for the upkeep of Hamas, Hezbolla and the Mahdi and/or Sadr armies, who are the terrorists and mercenaries killing American troops in Iraq. It supports the Taliban in Afghanistan with the same drug money and oil proceeds.

Under the fourth set of UN sanctions, the Islamic Republic continues to violate them and ships arms to terrorist organizations in at least six countries. In the last 18 months, over 570 tons of rockets, missiles, grenades and 13 cargo containers of other arms have been seized by Nigeria, Israel, Yemen, Afghanistan and Thailand. The Islamic Republic also continues to hold Americans kidnapped from Iraqi-Kurdistan.

While the Islamic Republic continues its rogue activities, who in America would ask us to ease the sanctions? Well, it turns out that it is someone currently under investigation for "Inappropriate" use of Congressional funds obtained from the National Endowment for Democracy. He is also the same person that parades around the Middle East giving lectures for Hillary Clinton's State Department. Yes, you guessed it, Trita Parsi of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). It is not his first attempt at it either. In early 2010, Mr. Parsi tried unsuccessfully to re-write the 'Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability and Divestment Act of 2009,' but concerned Iranians and Americans reported the changes to the U.S. Senate and Congress, and Mr. Parsi's suggestions were thankfully dismissed.

On March 10, 2011, Mr. Parsi and NIAC, together with an allied group NIPOC, plan to hold an event and invite three U.S. State Department Officials to a seminar focusing on the implication of these sanctions on (they claim) Iranian-Americans. It should be noted that Parsi's NIAC has only around 450 members, which is not very representative of 1.5 million Iranians in America, nor can such a small number represent the 68 million in Iran.

What is even more interesting is the list of sponsors for the event and the enormous financial gains that could be made by each of them if the sanctions were lifted. Their products are very interesting, too, and include almost everything related to oil or gas production, the military, chemicals, mining and sensitive electronic equipment used in power generation or nuclear plants -- the exact materials we are trying to prevent from getting into the hands of a bunch of crazed religious fanatics that want to nuke Israel.

What is even more disturbing to us is the fact that this particular group of Iranians does not seem to mind doing business with Iran as long as they are lining their pockets with large sums of money, while their countrymen are being hung by the neck from commercial cranes throughout Iran, just for voicing their opinions. I wonder why, and so should the State Department, Department of Treasury, FBI, CIA and Homeland Security.

Decent Iranians inside the country and the majority of the Iranian Diaspora around the world want the full brunt of sanctions brought to bear on Iran. We are writing on behalf of these many hundreds of thousands, who, unlike Parsi and NIAC, want a democratic Iran. They want us to blockade Iranian ports and cut the oil flow. They want the bank accounts of all Iranian officials involved in executions and human rights abuses in Iran seized. They ask that all world leaders immediately expel Iranian diplomats from their respective countries. They say the faster we do that, the faster the regime will fall, and the faster they will be free from the violent, corrupt and murderous regime. They also ask the world to take action against Turkey, Iraq and the UAE, who are routinely breaking the sanctions.

A large and diverse group of representative Iranian-Americans has asked that we write to the members of the United States House of Representatives and the Senate to request that the State Department be advised not to participate at this event. As Americans, we ask the same. For the honor of decent Iranians suffering in Iran and in honor of our fallen soldiers, we ask this. Parsi and NIAC not only do not represent Iranians in any country, but what they stand for, by supporting the regime, is morally reprehensible.

In closing, we would like to make reference to the letter that was sent to Ms. Clinton calling for the appointment of a United Nations Special Rapporteur to investigate the human rights violations in Iran. The Iranian government agreed to this last year at the Human Rights Council, and it should have been implemented by January 2011 without any further delays. It is also important that this request reflect a unanimous decision by members of both the House and the Senate and that a strongly worded message be sent with it to the Iranian dictators, including a warning that there will be consequences if they do not comply.

With all due respect,

The Undersigned


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